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I have spent an hour, soaring in the sky, looking for a god damn Murkrow.

One that is nowhere to be found. Only Peliper's, Winguls, swablu's, and drifloon's. NO FUCKING MURKROW. I give up. I'm going to GTS. UGH. NOW I HAVE TO GIVE UP A LEGEND BECAUSE EVERYONE ON GTS IS GREEDY FUCK.

Anyways, on to my type rant.

 Why are there so few ice types, not to mention some of the shitty stats the poor things get. I mean, Glaceon can be an ABSOLUTE MONSTER, and let's mention Avalugg's Defensive stats, but so few are amazing, unless you dedicate your whole life to them. On another note, some of the asthetic's are terrible on them. First off, Jynx, like, what the fuck? Then there are the Icecreams, the bears, and the freaking vagina. Some of them are just terrible(Though undoubtedly, other pokes from other types are just as ugly). I wish they'd make more mega ice types, better ice types, and make ice look a LITTLE more badass or elegant.

 Flying is okay, but there are very few I'd actually use. Some of them are just hard to work with.  Noivern, Togekiss, and a few others are alright, but then there are just some you don't want to touch.

 Don't even get me started with fairy. They could've at least called it something else, or used other Pokemon, because Fairy sounds ridiculous. I love Togekiss, and the fairy gives her some okay moves, but still :c

Concert was fucking amazing. Nova isn't my favorite thing, but she was okay, plus, she's from Edmonton, so she's pretty close to home for me, BUT, I'm not a rap person, sooo. Set it Off was AMAZING. Cody Carson jumped onto the speakers and pointed at us WHILE HE WAS SINGING. <3 They had an amazing set, no doubt, and it REALLY got the entire crowd pumped. Now, All Time Low, oh my god. They were HILARIOUS. They brought two of my friends friends onto stage, and while the girls were all singing awkwardly, these two guys were jumping around, jumping on speakers, and just having a GREAT time. Also, at the end, Jack Baraket put a bra on and started dancing, which I've found on youtube, and will include the link below.(Ps, I stood beside the girl holding the 'Maxx can I have a Drumstick?' sign xD )


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Weaboo Jones
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Mae Govennen, Well Met!

My name is Weaboo Jones.

Just kidding! My name is Kikiani. I'm sixteen years old, and Korean. I get irritated very easily, but I'm also really friendly, for the most part. I am Canadian, and since I barely leave my house, I love on roleplaying, so just send me a note xD

My hair dream is to dye my hair red. Not like, ginger red, but candy-apple red. :D

I enjoy Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, the Walking Dead, Anime/Manga, Skyrim, Shadows of Mordor, every zombie game in the damn universe, horror, etc.

I have a puppy, his name is Beastie. He's a ShihTzu/Yorke cross, and he means the world to me.❤

I love roleplaying or chatting, so send me notes and stuffs :D

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